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Welcome to Secure a Pet®

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What We Do

With more pets in households today than children pets have become an increasing bigger part of our family.


Unfortunately thousands of our pets go missing everyday with more than 75% never to find their way back home. With some 4 million companion animals euthanized each year it is vital you have the ability to locate and recover your pet quickly.


Secure A Pet® utilizes state-of-the-art technology systems designed specifically to assist our customers in the well care and safety of their pets.  Utilizing simple solutions to complex problems enables the pet owner to enjoy their pet while ensuring their safety and well care.  Designed for a simple user interface to the web, iPhone app, and the Android systems the user will have quick access to all critical health information, shots records, reminders for both medications and services, and even where the nearby pet friendly restaurant may be located. 


Should your pet stray and your pet has the Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery pet collar, the Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery system will alert you on your smartphone / email and then provide a location map so you may recover your pet before they become a sad statistic.  


Secure A Pet® focuses on providing products and services made in the USA and our pet formulas are designed to be safe for the pet, people, and the environment.