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Monitoring Plans

The Secure a Pet® Tracking and Recovery system collar requires a monthly monitoring plan.  This plan will enable you to be notified when your pet leaves a Secure Zone™ or Safety Zone™ and quickly locate your pet for a safe return.  

Although the current plans are not yet available until after the release of the new Global Secure a Pet® Tracking and Recovery collar we will be offering the plans as follows to best fit your needs:

  • Combination collar and Monitoring Monthly Rate
  • Monthly Monitoring Rate 
  • Quarterly Monitoring Rate
  • Semi Annual Monitoring Rate
  • Annual Monitoring Rate
  • Special Two Year Monitoring Rate

These plans will average $8.50 USD per month depending upon your choice of payment above and there will be multi pet discounts as well.  We look forward to posting the specifics of the plans and cost soon.  Pre-register now in the products section for special early bird pricing.