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Smartphone Apps

The Secure A Pet® smartphone apps for the iPhone and for the Android are designed to provide an on-the-go access to critical pet data.  Quick access to your vet, health records such as shots, allergies, medication reminders, and pet care appointments such as vet and groomers. We have also provided weather alerts to help assist you when you may need to find proper shelter for your pet in the event of extreme weather activity.


Traveling with your Pet?  Well, we also offer a quick look at where you can find pet parks, pet hospitals, pet stores, pet groomers, pet friendly hotels, and when you are in need of a bite to friendly resturants.


With the Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System collar on your pet the Secure A Pet® smartphone apps for the iPhone and for the Android are fully equipped to help locate your pet in the event they may stray.  This quick access will provide flashing safety lights on the collar when activated and then provide you a map on your smartphone so you can quicky recover your best friend.



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