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Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System

Secure A Pet® has incorporated technology and systems in a lightweight, compact, and attractive design. Designed to acoomodate pets from approximately 6 lbs. and up, the system provides the pet owner a quick a location of their pet. With rechargeable batteries and smart technology it requires virtually no attention for up to one month plus under normal conditions. With two sets of rechargeable batteries per system you are never without operational batteries available.

Some unique features of the products include:
The Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System contains:

  • Global use Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery Collar
  • Two rechargeable long life batteries with charger 
  • Secure Zone™ for virtual fencing for your pet
  • Safety Zone™ for vitrtual fencing while traveling
  • Weather Alert safety feature
  • Temperature Alert to help ensure safety for your pet 
  • Medication and Well Care Reminders
  • Registration (license) and Microchip Reminders
  • Accessible from Smartphone apps on both iPhone and Android platforms