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Frequently Asked Questions Contents


Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System FAQ’s


Is this a chip?

No. A microchip has only the ability to provide a serial number to help identify a pet if you have the correct reader. The Secure A Pet® system will help you to actually locate your pet utilizing GPS and our patented technology from your computer, cell phone, or via our customer support center.


Can the Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System be used by for all animals (pets)?

Yes. The system is designed to accommodate any pet for the purpose of helping the owner manage and maintain the pet’s well care.  The collar itself is designed to be utilized by almost any pet in excess of an estimated 6 lbs.


What is included in the Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System?

Included in the kit are two sets of long life rechargeable batteries, one micro USB charging cable with wall plug, one Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery device, and one collar.


Is the Secure A Pet® safe for my pet?

Yes. Great care has been taken to ensure the collar is safe and will cause no harm to your pet when properly used.


Is the Secure A Pet® collar waterproof?

The collar is designed to accommodate the normal activities associated with a pet in the rain or splashing.  Continued full submersion is not recommended.


Can I set a boundary or fence for my pet?

Yes. The system includes a Secure Zone™ feature to enable the owner to set a secure area for their pet.  Should the pet breech that area the owner will be notified immediately to initiate a search. If the owner does not respond YES or NO within a few minutes the system will automatically begin a search.


Must I turn off the Secure Zone™ feature if I take my pet for a walk?

No.  You will receive a message on your smartphone via the app to alert you the pet has left the Secure Zone™ and asked if you wish to initiate a search.  By depressing NO the system will temporarily suspend the Secure Zone™ while still providing the ability to initiate a search should your pet stray while on the walk. Once you return to home the Secure Zone™ will be reinstated.


How quickly will the Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System provide the location of my pet?

Under normal conditions you should receive a map with the location of your pet within 2 to 3 minutes with continued updates to assist you in the safe return of your pet.


Can I use my Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System when I travel?

Yes.  While traveling you may utilize the Safety Zone™ feature to establish a temporary fence for your pet. The system is designed to be used on a global basis and coverage should be available in almost all areas, however if unsure please contact us. 


How long will my rechargeable batteries last before recharge is required?

Utilizing our unique design the normal battery life before recharge is 30+ days. The lifecycle of the batteries are estimated to be 4 years.


How will I know when to change the batteries?

The Secure A Pet® service will provide a reminder via email or push notification when the batteries reach approximately 25% capacity. We will remind you twice to change the battery help ensure you have good batteries in the event your pet should stray and you require an "on-demand" search. Since you are provided tow sets of batteries you can quickly switch the batteries to ensure continued coverage.


Can I use the Secure A Pet® Tracking and Recovery System to locate a loved one other than my pet?

The Secure A Pet® system is designed only for the exclusive purpose of helping to locate and manage your pet. We take no responsibility or liability for the use of the system other than the purpose for which it was designed.


What is your Refund policy?


  • The Secure A Pet Product is guaranteed against manufactures defects for a period of 90 days from the date of activation.
  • The customer may optionally obtain the Secure A Pet Collar Protection Plan which will provide the replacement of the Collar and Collar Sleeves up to four times per year for a annual charge of $19.95 per collar. The customer will be required to pay for shipping of the device to be replaced.
  • The customer, for any reason, may return the unopened kit for a full refund within 3 days of purchase. Returns of the unopened kit beyond the 3 days are subject to a 10% re-stocking fee.
  • The customer may return the undamaged kit if it is determined there is no coverage in the location of the pet defined in the profile of the pet. The customer will receive a full refund if the product is returned undamaged within 14 days of purchase. Returns beyond the 14 days are subject to a 10% re-stocking fee.
  • The customer may return the opened kit and receive a full refund less a 20% re-stocking charge if returned undamaged within 14 days of purchase.
  • The customer is required to receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to the return.  Returns received without the proper RMA number is subject to rejection. 

Stamp Out! by Secure A Pet® FAQ’s

Are Stamp Out!™ products cruelty free or tested on animals?

We never have nor ever will test our products on animals. Our base formula has been declared safer for the environment, pets and people by a world-renowned toxicologist.


What is the difference between the Stain and Odor Removers?

Our Stain Remover is designed to breakdown and destroys stains at their lowest molecular level, whereas our Odor Remover is engineered to surround and suffocate the bacteria causing odor on contact.


Are these products safe?

Yes. Unlike other leading products that use harsh chemicals, masking agents and/or fragrance, Stamp Out!™ products are odorless, fragrance-free and do not contain any alcohol, solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds which provides a safer environment for pets, family, and the environment. Since the products are non-toxic the product is not harmful for pets who may lick themselves after the odor product was used on their coat.


How effective are the Pet Wipes?

The simple one-time use packets are convenient for trips to the pet park or for that evening walk.  Effective to both help eliminate odors and clean up from the walk.  Simply wipe from the top to bottom to rear and notice the difference.


Is Stamp Out!™ Odor Remover safe to use on pets?

Yes, in fact we have many of our customers who use the product on their pets to control odor in between grooming’s. A little goes a long way and therefore it is not recommended in excessive amounts, as this is not designed to replace normal grooming. Excessive use of the product can dry out your pet’s skin but a light use helps eliminate unpleasant pet odors. Note: Pets tend to make erratic and/or unpredictable movements; therefore in order to avoid accidentally spraying your pet’s eyes we recommend that you do not spray the product directly on your pet’s coat. As an alternative, spray Stamp Out!™ Odor Remover first on a cloth, then use the cloth to wipe down your pet. Additionally, do not use our product in lieu of shampoo.


Are Stamp Out!™ products safe around people who suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)?

Yes, Stamp Out!™ is odorless and contains no VOCs. Unlike other leading pet stain and odor products on the market, we do not use any fragrances or synthetic chemicals in our products.


How long does it take Stamp Out!™ Odor Remover to eliminate bad smelling odors?

As long as the product makes contact with the source of the odor, the smell should be removed within minutes of contact of the source of the odor. Other major brands indicate that they can take up to 2 weeks to work.


Can you use Stamp Out!™ Odor Remover in cat litter boxes?

Yes, and you will quickly notice how amazing our odorless product works on cat urine. The smell will almost instantaneously be neutralized as the Stamp Out!™ Odor Remover attacks the source of the odor. Simply spray in the littler box and mix.


Can I use Stamp Out!™ Odor Remover to clean out and eliminate odors in my pet’s crate?

Yes, we suggest you lightly spray Stamp Out!™ Odor Remover all over the crate surfaces, then use a small brush or cloth to agitate the product into all crevasses in order to make sure it has made contact with the source of the odors. Then wipe out the excess. The product should effectively eliminate odor on contact.


Will Stamp Out!™ Stain Remover work to remove vomit and diarrhea?

Yes, our product is designed to break down and remove all types of stains including organic based stains. Will Stamp Out!™ Stain Remover bleach carpets or clothing? No, our products do not contain any bleaching agents, is colorfast and safe to use on delicate fabrics such as: silk, wool and satin.