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Welcome to Secure a Pet®

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About Us

Our Beginnings

Secure A Pet® is a product offering of Linked Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States. The high-tech cutting edge company started in 2006 and will continue to design, develop and integrate specialized Secure A Pet® pet care products to the needs of the growing pet industry. We will maintain our focus on safety and security for pets, family and their environment.


  • 2011 received the patent for the Secure A Pet® product.
  • Start the phase 1-market / technology test Secure A Pet® tracking and recovery system in 2010.
  • Start the phase 2-market / technology test Secure A Pet® tracking and recovery system in 2012.
  • Developed and the Secure A Pet® 2012 presented pet care management app for the iPhone.
  • Started by Secure A Pet® Foundation to support animal rescue organizations.
  • Introduced the safe Secure A Pet® pet care products 2012.
  • Safe Secure A Pet® pet care products introduced in 2012.
  • The new fully equipped Secure A Pet® site 2014 launch.
  • Release of the new global Secure A Pet® tracking and recovery system is scheduled EOY 2014.


Secure A Pet® is led by experienced managers and a team of technology and support talent with more than 150 years of experience. We will continue to develop and improve our systems, as well as provide important information for our growing customer requirements. Each set of products are designed to maintain and manage the needs of your pet to ensure that important well care information, security and the safety of your pet. All products must adhere to our requirements for the pet, family and the environment.