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Stanford Milnes

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Introducing Stamp Out! at SuperZoo 2013

About Us

Our Beginnings

Secure-a-Pet® is a product offering of PerfecTech Inc. based in Dallas, Texas USA. The high tech cutting edge company began in 2006 and continues to design, develop, and integrate Secure-a-Pet® products to meet the needs of the growing pet industry. We maintain our focus on safety and security for pets, family, and their environment.

Our Successes

  • Launched Secure-a-Pet® GPS system in 2010
  • Developed and launched the My Secure-a-Pet® Concierge app for smart phones
  • Introduced the safe Secure-a-Pet® Pet Care Products
  • Expansion into the international market with the smart phone app
  • Secure-a-Pet® Foundation ongoing support for animal rescue

What We Are Doing Now

We are continuing to improve our GPS systems as well as provide vital product sets for our growing customer base. Each product set is designed to help maintain and manage the requirements of your pet, ensure vital information is available, and help with the security of your pet. All products must meet our requirements to be safe for the pet, family, and environment.