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Your Best Friend

SecureUsing GPS and wireless technologies,
the Secure-a-Pet® system provides
an on-demand location of your pet within minutes.

Don’t let your pet become another statistic.

95% coverage in the USA
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Every day, thousands of dogs go
missing in the United States.

84% never find their way back.

Our Mission: Bringing them home.

A typical scenario...

You come home from work, and discover that your pet has escaped from the yard... again! You frantically search the neighborhood... going up and down streets and asking neighbors if they've seen your lost pet.
A pet is a special part of our life, and a member of our family. When a pet goes missing, it can cause a great deal of trauma to the family. As pet owners, we will go to great lengths to try and recover our best friends.

Unfortunately, each year millions of lost pets end up in shelters, and Humane Society statistics state that over 50% are euthanized and gone forever.


Dear Secure-A-Pet,
We recently purchased one of your collars for one of our valuable professional working dogs. Within 3 days he managed to escape and within 3 minutes we had him found online! We also travel to various dog events servicing athletes and professional working dogs. Could you send us any information needed to help promote your products? We use them and love them!

Thank you for your time,
BlackStar Kennels (est. 1965)

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